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Tune-ups and Optimization

Our PC tune-up and optimization breathes new life into even the oldest and slowest computers.

Not only will our tune-up get your PC running like new, our optimization process will configure your PC to run better than it did on the factory floor.

Boot Optimization

Over time a well-used PC will accumulate a lot of software, oftentimes needlessly running at boot. We will ensure that your PC is only running the software that adds value to your life, when it adds value to your life.

Upgrade Report

Each tune-up comes with a free upgrade report, detailing how much different upgrades will improve performance and whether they are worthwhile.

Starting at $50

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Hardware Upgrades, PC Building and Liquid Cooling

Leveraging our knowledge, skill and lack of overhead, we can offer BEST VALUE in PC and computer hardware upgrades and custom builds.

Bring Your PC Up-To-Date and Back-To-Life

We expect our computers to last a long time, but as time goes on they seem to slowdown. This can often be reversed by making small upgrades as our hardware gets older.

Build Your Dream Machine

With many years in the custom PC and liquid-cooling business, we can build your dream machine and save you $1000's on your custom-built machine that is unique to your personality.

From super-high resolution gaming and streaming rigs, to data crunching and content creating workstations, we guarantee to build you a PC that you will cherish, all while doing it cheaper than any of our competitors.

Starting at $30

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General PC Repair

From bluescreen errors and boot failures, to malware and overheating, we can get you squared away without squeezing your wallet.

Windows, Mac and Linux

We do it all, from Mac hardware replacement, to server RAID recovery. We have the knowledge, skill and experience to beat any competitor's price and customer experience.

Virus and Malware Removal and Prevention

With 19 years of experience behind our belt, we will not only remove unwanted viruses and malware, but we will find the source and harden your PC against repeated virus and malware infection.

Starting at $20

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We are everything you need to manage and enhance your IT experience!

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