Solid State Drive Versus Hard Disk Drive

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Solid State Drive Versus Hard Disk Drive: What is the Perfect Storage Medium?

It is an ages old question that folks have been asking since Solid State Drives made their commercial debut more than a decade ago. But first we need to talk about storage mediums.

Storage Mediums

When you buy a new computer, you might be overwhelmed with a lot of stats or metrics. These include CPU frequency, memory and storage space.

Storage space is the amount of space available for long-term storage of data. This includes your operating system(such as Microsoft Windows) and all of your installed programs(such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook).

Storage Vs. Memory(RAM)

hdd vs ram

Customers often get mixed up between storage and memory(RAM) specifications. Even though both components are typically measured in Gigabytes(GB), you will notice that the RAM will always be much smaller, and usually a power of 2.

You can think of RAM as the short-term memory of the computer, it stores only the data that the PC is using at that moment in time. Storage on the other hand you can ling of as the computer's long-term memory, this is the space that the computer stores all it's data, even when it is not in use.

Hard Disk Drive(HDD)

hard disk drive with no lid

The Hard Disk Drive has been the driver of consumer and enterprise storage for several decades. The HDD consists of a stack of magnetic disks(platters) that have data written and read from them as they spin at several thousands of revolutions per minute.

Modern day HDDs can be manufactured at massive proportions north of 20TB. Hard drives offer lots of cheap reliable storage, only limited by the time it takes for the device to find data written on the spinning platters.

Solid-State Drive(SSD)

NVME & SATA solid state drives

Barely more than a decade ago, Solid State Drives hit the mainstream consumer market. Instead of storing binary data in spinning metal platters, solid state drives store data in chips.

Solid state drives are a game changer, since we don't need to search a spinning magnetic disk to find/write data, we can transfer and load data to/from memory and the CPU at unprecedented rates. Solid state drives reduce the time it takes a PC to boot into merely seconds.

SSD Upgrades

Upgrading to an SSD is a great and affordable way to breath new life into to an aging laptop or desktop PC. We do many Chicago area SSD upgrades and can copy all of your old files and programs directly onto your new solid state drive. Every SSD upgrade we perform comes with a free tune-up. When we finish your SSD upgrade and tune-up, your PC will run far better than the day it left the factory floor.

To learn more about Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives, or ask any other questions about the services we offer to the great people of Chicago, please reach out and we will be glad to help you out.

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