Memory Upgrades: What You Need to Know

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Memory Upgrades and What You Need to Know to Have the Best PC Experience

Computer Memory, or Random Access Memory(RAM) is an essential component of any PC or computer build. RAM is essentially the PC's short-term memory. RAM is where the computer stores all the data that is currently in use. This includes everything from Operating System(OS) files to web browser variables.

System Performance

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Performance Factors

Three main components mainly determine the experience you will have on your computer or PC:

  • Central Processing Unit(CPU)
  • Memory(RAM)
  • Storage Medium

The CPU is where all the action happens. It processes and runs logic on all the data consumed by the computer. The memory is where the computer stores and stages all the data being consumed by the CPU. The storage medium is where the computer or PC stores all it's long-term data.

As you can see, there can be many different factors when considering how your PC or computer will perform. When a PC or computer loads or opens any data or programs, the information or code is loaded from the Hard Disk drive(HDD) or Solid-State Drive(SSD) into memory where it can easily be accessed and cached by the Central Processing Unit(CPU).

Memory Space and the Swap File

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Computer memory or RAM space is usually measured in Gigabytes(GB) that are a power of two(2, 4, 8, 16, 32,...). Modern day computer usage consumes unprecedented amounts of data, and if you don't have a good deal of RAM, your computer will at times be handling more data than it has free memory space. When this happens, overflowed data is stored in what is called a Swap File.

The swap file is stored on your storage medium and subject to the drives read/write speeds(much slower than the speed of the RAM). No only consuming memory from the swap file much slower that RAM, if you use a Solid-State Drive for your storage medium, the swap file will cause premature wear to your SSD.

Memory Upgrades

By upgrading your computer or PC with a larger amount of faster memory, you will gain a noticeable performance boost. Not only will you get a nice performance boost, but this will also prevent premature wear to other computer components.

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